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Fire Pits: Must Have for a Mountain Home!

By Reilly Evans | November 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

Fire Pits are a must for living in the mountains. Whether it’s an extravagant design done by a contractor or a DIY set up, you’ll be happy to have this addition to your new mountain home. There are several different kinds of fire pits you can build that vary in style and price, depending on what best suits your wants and needs.

Metal Fire Pits: These are the cheapest and easiest fire pits to get, requiring little assembly. You can buy these at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and they take around 20 minutes to assemble. There are several styles, types of metals, and they vary in price from as little as $50.

DIY Fire Pit : This is the second cheapest and easiest fire pit to assemble. It is made from stone pavers and some gravel to go under it. This one will cost you no more than $100. You can buy any gravel you prefer as a base for the firepit, then choose what type of stones you want. You can even use a glue in between the stones, but it isn’t necessary. Super simple and cute way to spice up your outdoor space!

National Park Fire Ring: This type of fire ring is identical to one you would find while camping in the Smokies, or in any National Park in the U.S. They are made in order to prevent forest fires, and are a simple way to contain your campfire. You can also add a grill contraption, so you can make easy campfire meals if you want!

Custom Fire Pit Builder: There are also more extravagant fire pit designs that exceed just the fire pit. You can hire someone to design and construct a custom fire pit, seating benches, and transform your outdoor entertainment area.

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