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Outdoor Living for Your Mountain Home

By Reilly Evans | January 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

An outdoor space is so important for not only your mountain home but any home! They really are a game-changer for your morning coffee, hosting get-togethers, and just soaking in those mountain views. Having an inviting, comfy, and fun outdoor living space really maximizes your living space. 

There are several different types of outdoor areas including porches, decks, outdoor kitchens, bars, patios, screen porches, outdoor rooms, pergolas, fire pits, and more. Depending on your house plan you might have one or some of these features in your home and knowing how to design them can really change the space and aesthetics of your home. 

The number one game-changer for outdoor spaces is furniture!!! It can transform any space and really allows you to extend your living space and square footage. I like to call them outdoor living rooms. Lowe’s is my favorite place to shop for outdoor furniture. There’s a lot of options at an affordable price point. Another fun additive to your outdoor living space is lighting. Lights are not only functional, they add to the atmosphere and inspire a fun hang out space.

I’ve found that the best site for inspiration is Pinterest. It’s a great way to create a mood board and vision for spaces in your new home. We’ve created a new page in Pinterest that would be a great place to get starting exploring all the possibilities. Check it out! Pinterest – Mountain House Plans


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