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Building on a Sloping Lot

By Reilly Evans | January 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

A huge aspect of moving to the mountains is realizing you’re going to have to figure out how to build on a steep slope. We all know that a perk to having a mountain home is the view! There are a few things to consider when you purchase land and start to build on a steep slope. 

  1. Disturbance Limits

This is referring to the amount of area in the lot that can be disturbed. The reason for these limits is to prevent erosion and runoff. You will most likely be surrounded by nature on your lot, so it makes sense that you have to respect the surrounding foliage. This includes driveways, foundations, etc.

  1. Screening Requirements

The point of screening requirements is pretty much to “blend” the home into the natural landscape around your property, while still getting that mountain view. This is different depending on what county you are building in.

  1. Geotechnical Report

For most sloping lots and mountain towns, a Geotech report is required. This is another way of protecting the landscape you are about to build on. This includes the soil, foliage, and also a way to protect your safety. Sometimes property can be on fault lines, which could prose a huge issue in the future. A geotechnical report reduces any geologic hazards and provides you with the best design recommendations and standards.

Most of the problems you will run into with a steeping lot can be answered and resolved by talking with a local geotechnical engineer, who will let you know if you can build, how you can build, and how much it will cost to build on your specific lot. Mountain towns are known for their beautiful landscapes and unique topographical nature, and the limits and regulations on building in these geographic locations are implemented to protect the natural state of the mountains and to maintain the existing beauty of the area. The requirements maintain slope stability and control erosion and stormwater, allowing for mountain homes to be built, but in a responsible, aesthetically pleasing manner.


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